Rahel Mueller was born in 2001 in a sleepy small town in canton Aargau, Switzerland. To everyone’s surprise, Rahel started writing songs when she was only 5 years old (although, admittedly, they were not very good). At the age of 8, working her way up from the recorder, she first laid her hands on an acoustic guitar. Amazed at the new harmonic possibilities, Rahel started building her songwriting skills and developing her lyrical voice.

From ages 11 to 15, she was coached in songwriting and vocals in the youth promotion program of the renowned Bluesfestival Baden, introducing her to life in a rock band. During the 4 years, she partook in the songwriting for 4 full-length albums for the project band, as well as her first solo EP “The Storm”. Her live playing started generating attention locally, as well as internationally, as she won 1st place in the Smokefree Rockquest in Wellington, New Zealand with a performance of her song “Running”. Under the supervision of Max Frankl, Rahel concluded her high school diploma with a focus in music at 18 with her self-produced EP “Wires”. Recognizing her talent, the echo winner supervised a project band to perform said songs.

Rotating through multiple formations and as a solo act, the 22-year-old musician has roughly 100 live gigs under her belt, including opening for The Comets, the legendary Bill Hailey Band (“Rock Around The Clock”) or playing the main stage on Saturday evening at the Badenfahrt Festival. Further achievements include winning the BandX-nordwest contest with her band Mollusca in 2023.

Currently she is active as a songwriter, vocalist and manager of her passion project Mollusca, and as vocalist of rock band Helium Moth. Over the years, she has also started taking up work as a bassist in sessions or live gigs with different formations such as “ok average” and “FINREY”. Since 2020, Rahel is also the director and arranger of the Pop-Choir “PRISMA” in Baden.

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