Mollusca is a Pop-Rock Band from Baden, Switzerland. My absolute passion project: I do the Songwriting, Vocals, a bit of Guitar, Management and Booking. Check us out here! dr: Cyrill Jauslin b: Anja Kalt guit: Luca Imholz keys: Cedric von Rauscher voc: Rahel Müller Sound engineer: Martin Kalt, Ksound

Helium Moth

September 3, 2023

Helium Moth is a Rock Band from Basel. I contribute with Songwriting and lending my voice to the noisy atmosphere of the band.   dr: Cyrill Jauslin b: Ian Schindel g: Fionn Bumann voc: Rahel Müller

Hard To Grab A Drink – LIVE at Badenfahrt

In collaboration with Jonas Hüsser and Julia Rufibach we created this live video from the Mollusca gig at Badenfahrt. One of my favorite Mollusca songs to play. Dipped my toes into executive video production with the help of my friends Jonas and Cedric.

GIRLS! – Live At Badenfahrt

GIRLS! – Live at Badenfahrt. Such a great gig and my highlight from 2023 probably <3. Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar + executive video production alongside Jonas Hüsser and Cedric von Rauscher.

song for

Mollusca song. Did the songwriting, Vocals, acoustic guitar, management, release, distribution, etc…

Worry Again

Probably my favourite Mollusca song we released so far! I contributed with Songwriting, Vocals, acoustic guitar. Also the first release where I really tried to have a structured narrative about it on our social media. It was a learning curve and I gained a lot of insight and experience...


My first project with Mollusca, an EP compromising 3 Songs. I feel so-so about it, but it was the start of an era for this band!


When I was 18, I self-produced an EP as my final project for high school. I played these four Songs as part of a project band, which is where I met Cedric, future pianist for Mollusca. Looking back, there are a lot of things I would do differently in...

The Storm

My very first EP. I recorded these four Songs when I was 14 years old. I find them a bit embarrassing, but for Nostalgia’s sake they can stay.